The Reading Room

The Reading Room

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If you have trouble seeing clearly, experience eye strain or aching whilst reading then a new prescription may not be the answer. At Andrew Rhys Evans we can provide professional, practical advice about improving your reading with the use of specialist reading lamps.A powerful reading lamp can transform your ability to read, enjoy your hobbies and carry out tasks such as looking at photos or filling in forms. These lamps provide 10x the light effectiveness of your 60 watt bulb for amplified and more comfortable vision.

The Reading Room

Our reading room has been set up to demonstrate various ‘real life’ scenarios where with a little more thought, more comfortable and optically superior prescriptions can be shown and tried out. In this room, 24 hobbies and similar tasks are laid out, lit first by your existing type of light and then b the ‘serious reader’ lamps, to show the significant improvement that’s obtainable. We will work with you to demonstrate the impacts of the reading lights and to find the best lighting solution for you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you do go ahead and try one of our reading lamps but find that the results are not as demonstrated in our studio then you are eligible for your money back. Our supplier, Serious Readers will send a courier to collect and return your lamp if it has not delivered a sufficient improvement.

Computer or Desk Glasses?

Our reading room can also help you discover whether computer or desk glasses are more suited to your lifestyle. These glasses can help you with all sorts of tasks in everyday life, including playing instruments, giving presentations, playing cards, using an iPad and working on fuse boxes. We will listen to you individual needs and offer you practical solutions to ensure that you can see clearly and in focus.

Please contact us for further advice about our reading room solutions.