Repairs & Reglazing

Repairs & Reglazing

Do you have a pair of spectacles that are wonky with screws loose? Or, are you in need of new prescription lenses but don’t want to say goodbye to your favourite, trusty frames? Don’t worry, our team can get your old spectacle frames repaired or fixed up with new lenses for an affordable cost.  

Spectacles Repairs  

We can take care of most simple spectacle repairs, from the replacement of nose-pads and screws to the re-fitting of frames. Enjoy clear and comfortable vision without the need to give up your favourite pair, the fuss of choosing a new pair or the expense. 

If your glasses were purchased from us then nose pads, side tips, screws and adjustments are replaced with our compliments throughout the long life of your glasses. 
Repairs start from just £24. 

Spectacles Reglazing 

We can reglaze the majority of spectacles and sunglasses, so long as they are in a reasonable condition. Simply bring your frames to us, we’ll take a look and advise you on their suitability. Should they be in good enough condition, we’ll take care of the reglazing process quickly and without fuss. 

You might need new lenses because of a new prescription, because you’d like to try a different type of coating or because your old lenses are scratched. Whatever the reason, we can reglaze with your choice of lenses from bi-focals to Varifocals and with various coatings. 

Save money and your glasses frames! Spectacles reglazing starts from just £10.

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