Practice Options

Practice Options

We enjoy getting to know our patients and fitting the best product for their visual needs and lifestyle. To help you tailor you contact lenses to your needs, we make the following recommendations:

“I am interested in wearing lenses.”


If you are interested in converting to contact lenses then we recommend the following:

An Eye Examination and Lens Trial – £72

During one or two appointments, we will undertake a comprehensive examination of your eyes. Our optometrist will analyse their condition to suggest how contact lenses might benefit your everyday lifestyle. We will then discuss the different types of lenses suitable for you.

A Contact Lens Consultation and Supply from £60

This 40 minute trial appointment is aimed at helping you to make the right decision with your first contact lenses. We’ll give you the opportunity to try different types of lenses and will provide follow-up care for the next 12 months. This will involve returning to the practice for periodic check ups, with the cost including all consultations for the following year. While you begin to get a feel for your lenses, we’ll provide as much professional advice and support as you require.

“I already wear contact lenses but I am new to the Andrew Rhys Evans Practice.”


Welcome to our practice! We are happy to look after your eyes and contact lens care. We recommend the following:

Initial Eye Examination and Current Lens Review – £65

During this 45 minute appointment, we will undertake a thorough examination of your eyes and your current lenses. Once we are confident that your eyes are in good health and your lenses appropriate, we will then offer you 12 months of aftercare. By choosing the Aftercare Plan or Planned Replacement Programme below, you can also make a saving of £36 on your initial eye examination!

Eye Care for Contact Lens Wearers


Aftercare Plan – £9.75 per month (£24.95/quarter or single payment of £96.00)

With this plan, you will receive 12 months of unlimited cover for any chair time. This will include access to all consulting room procedures for comprehensive eye examinations, including retinal imaging. One months supply of contact lenses is also included in the Aftercare plan.

Planned Replacement Programme from £13 per month

If you are a regular lens wearer then this programme is a great value for money option. The cost covers your initial eye examination and review, the aftercare plan and all of the lenses solutions you require. We will order your lenses and solutions in automatically and hold them at the practice ready in advance – no more running out of supplies!

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