Lenses & Coatings

Lenses & Coatings

As stockists of quality Essilor spectacle lenses, we are recognised as an Essilor Signature Practice.

Choosing the perfect pair of spectacles does not only involve choosing a frame. To ensure that you get the most out of your vision and eye health, you must select the appropriate lens and coating to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

We supply single vision, bi focal, varifocal, anti-reflection, ultra thin, tinted lenses and more. Pop in to our practice and we’ll help you choose the lenses that are right for you. You can also read more about a selection of our spectacles lenses and coatings below. 

Varifocal Lenses 

We provide Varilux Varifocal lenses, a lens brand with over 100 million wearers, making it the most widely prescribed varifocal lens in the world. Varilux lenses have three main focal areas blended into one, so you can enjoy effortless sharp vision at every distance, from near to far and in-between.  

Varifocals are one of the most advanced lens types to date. They correct your vision to your prescription in a cosmetically attractive way, eliminating the need for the extra segment found in bifocals. We are a Varilux specialist practice. 

You can experience a greater feeling of balance and vision clarity wherever and whenever you need it, as well as an overall more comfortable spectacle wearing experience. 

Our Varifocal lenses are available coated or uncoated.  

Thinner, Flatter Lenses 

When it comes to determining the overall look of your spectacles, your lenses are just as important as your frame. We stock Stylis 1.67 lenses which have been designed with this in mind. Made from the latest, extremely lightweight optical-grade plastic, they are flatter and thinner than conventional lenses, with no compromise on optical performance.  

Enjoy ultimate transparency with an attractively subtle lens.  

Anti-Reflective Lens Coating 

Essilor’s Stylis and Forte coatings dramatically reduce reflections, glare and dazzle. These lenses are ideal for those who work on a computer or drive at night and enable ultimate transparency so people can see your eyes instead of your lenses.

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