Lens Types

Lens Types

We are a Johnson and Johnson centre of excellence practice.

We stock a range of comfortable and convenient contact lenses to meet the needs of short and long-sighted prescriptions, astigmatism and Presbyopia. Choose lenses that are disposed of daily or that provide extended wear to suit you and your lifestyle. The brands we stock include Coopervision, Ciba Vision and Baush & Lomb and we are a specialist supplier of Johnson and Johnson lenses.


Daily disposable lenses are designed to be worn once and then disposed of. Packed individually and sterilised, they ensure safe and convenient wear. These lenses can be worn everyday or occasionally for sports and social occasions. We stock a range of daily disposable lens brands, including Johnson & Johnson, Coopervision and Ciba Vision.

Fortnightly/Monthly/Extended Wear

More frequent wearers often benefit from fortnightly or monthly lenses. These are designed to be removed at the end of the day for cleaning and storage in a disinfectant ready for wear on the following day. Engineered with specialist technology for comfortable long-term wear, these can be a more cost-effective option than daily disposables.


Toric lenses are designed to correct the distortion and lack of focus for those affected by astigmatism. These lenses are suitable for long or short-sighted people and are available in daily disposables, for fortnightly, monthly and extended wear. We stock Coopervision, Ciba Vision and Johnson and Johnson lenses for astigmatism.

toric lenses

Multifocal lenses provide clear and comfortable vision to those affected with Presbyopia. Experience quality sight from close-up and afar without needing to change your spectacles. These lenses are available for daily, fortnightly, monthly or extended wear. Our range of multifocal lens brands include Coopervision, Ciba Vision and Johnson & Johnson.

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