Eye Examinations

Eye Examinations

Regular eye examinations are important for everybody as they don’t only assess the vision but can indicate overall health and medical conditions in their early stages. At Andrew Rhys Evans you will experience the commitment and investment that we have put into the technology and the detail required to reflect our practice motto – achieving and preserving your best vision.We take the time to carefully assess your needs and importantly, get to know you. Our range of examinations gives you the opportunity to choose the appointment that is appropriate to you.To ensure we provide the very best service, our practice has invested in the very latest scanning laser technology as well as enhancements in diabetic, glaucoma and macula examination procedures. Find out more about our eye examinations below.

Our Procedures:



For over 10 years, we were providing retinal imaging as a standard part of our eye examinations. This was cutting edge technology in its time, allowing us to detect potential problems or changes taking place in the eyes which may not have appeared obvious in a sight test. Retinal Imaging is now complimented and superseded by OCT.

Ocular Coherent Tomography (O.C.T.)

If you have concerns about your eye health or sight (or a family history) an O.C.T. may be recommended. This enables us to look beneath the surface of the retina. It is painless, quick and non invasive. It is included within the Enhanced examination fee or available separately at £36.00.

Standard Eye Examination

Our reputation rests on our view of what we feel is appropriate in eye health and vision care.
£36.00 fee or at no charge under NHS entitlement.

Enhanced Eye Examination

During this examination we undertake a detailed examination as well as additional procedures such as Ocular Coherent Tomography scans. £65 or £36 in conjunction with NHS entitlement.

Bespoke Enhanced Examination

This comprehensive examination allows all aspects of your eye health and vision requirements to be discussed and investigated. It concludes with a written report of our findings and recommendations for managing your eyecare. £92 or £60 in conjunction with NHS entitlement.

Our private eye examinations reflect the high quality of our resources, our well trained and professional staff, the extensive leading edge technology used by our Optometrists and the extended time required for the comprehensive procedures involved.

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